Thriving Earth and Chiropractic Life Partner to Support Glasgow’s Rough Sleepers

Thriving Earth and Chiropractic Life Partner to Support Glasgow’s Rough Sleepers

Responsible and ethical Scottish brand, Thriving Earth, has partnered up with Perth’s Chiropractic Life to support people that are sleeping rough in Glasgow – and they’re calling for people to help and support this project, as well as roll out in other cities and towns.

Making sweeping differences to rough sleepers isn’t something that can be implemented overnight; however, some of the worst elements can be tackled and improved quickly.

Thriving Earth and Chiropractic Life are working together to distribute free socks to people sleeping rough in Glasgow and they would welcome help from anyone who would like to get involved with the distribution efforts.

Clean, warm socks are often requested by rough sleepers from shelters. There are many reasons why a pair of new socks can help to improve the health and wellbeing of rough sleepers, if only by small increments, and it is an item of clothing that is often overlooked by people donating clothing. A pair of clean socks represent a way to keep feet warm, helping to protect general bodily warmth which is critical through the cold winter months. A pair of new socks also offers an alternative to a wet pair and gives them the chance to dry out.

Making sure that feet can be dry and warm also helps to tackle issues that arise with foot health – something that is important to rough sleepers but can be hard to access support to.

There is still time to get involved and Roger Wallace of Thriving Earth is working to build a team to visit Glasgow on [date]. Team members from Thriving Earth and Chiropractic Life are already on board and volunteers that come forward will be gratefully welcomed. In addition to the Glasgow distribution, volunteers are encouraged to get in touch if they can lead a team in another city, like Edinburgh or Inverness, or town, such as Ayr.

Roger Wallace, Founder of Thriving Earth, said, “We are extremely grateful to be working with Chiropractic Life on this project. It’s very empowering to work with a partner that shares our ethics and energy to try to make a difference to rough sleepers - by even the smallest amount. Lifting a clean, dry pair of socks to put on in the morning is second nature to so many of us that it can be hard to appreciate the positive impact it can have for a rough sleeper. Everything is much, much harder – impossible, often – and this is just a tiny part of the big picture. However, if we work together and each play a small part and we can change things even slightly for rough sleepers, then it’s worth doing well. We’re actively looking for people to get involved. Please do get in touch.”

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