Ethically Sourced and Eco-Friendly Products that Give Back

At Thriving Earth we have a dream, to make sustainable, ethically produced products that not only look and feel great but also to use them to support causes that we really care about. We are working every day to improve our social and environmental impact whilst ensuring we only provide high quality products.

5 Gnomie Christmas Notelet Cards5 Robin Christmas Notelet Cards5 Sausage Dog Christmas Notelet Cards5 French Bulldog Christmas Notelet Cards5 Labrador Christmas Notelet Cards

Brand new

Christmas Cards

We use spent brewers' grain for our cards; our spent brewer's grain is sourced from breweries who have worked with us to create a second life for the renewable by-product of their craft. This pack of five notelets is blank inside so they can be used as Christmas cards, thank you cards, or invitations.

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Purple whale iPhone CaseYellow Bee iPhone CaseRed Whale iPhone CaseBlue Whale iPhone CaseBlue Turtle iPhone Case

Zero Plastic

iPhone Cases

Available in a variety of fresh colours and vivid hues, our phone cases are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

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